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We are the leaders in
Drumming and Percussion Entertainment!

Colony Point Creative has been creating high quality themed experiences for years and we are excited to bring our expertise to parks of all shapes and sizes. Check out just a few of our offerings:


Percussion Shows

We can provide full turn key productions themed to fit your park or any event. No matter the theme, our specialty is creating and providing any and all aspects to entertain your guests!

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We have an extensive network of drummers and contacts all over the country. We can provide drummers for any event whether it's from our current pool of performers or exploring local options and training them for your specific needs!

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Strolling Carts

We custom build moveable percussion carts so you can entertain guests in multiple areas of your park. This also lets you clear the area in between shows by moving the carts behind the scenes.

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Special Technical Elements

We incorporate different elements to provide the WOW factor in certain shows. Water drums, special lighting effects, and unique drum kits are just some of the components we use to takes shows to the next level!


Set Design

We design, source, build, ship, and load in any and all set pieces needed for each production. Our "outside the box" thinking helps us use unconventional pieces to drum on that not only add to the aesthetic of the entire show, but create unique music crowds love. 

Together, Scott and Chris have designed and mounted everything from major touring productions to stage and strolling shows at various parks to intimate events at breweries and even virtual events for Linkedin's corporate office.

Why Us?

Scott Doherty


Scott is the 2009 Men's World Champion of Irish dancing. After growing up his whole life traveling to Ireland for competitions and dancing all over the country in festivals and pubs, Scott earned the chance to tour the world for years with Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and many more!

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Chris is a lifelong musician who focused on drumming and rhythm from an early age. Chris has been a full time performer for over 17 years in theme parks, national tours, and touring the world with bands. In those years, Chris has helped build and create some of the most iconic theme park rhythm shows across the US.  Most recently Chris has become the music director and designer for several staple products at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Who We Work With

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