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Rockin' Road to Dublin is the new sensation changing the Irish Dance world. A fusion of Rock and Roll and Irish, Rockin' Road combines the best of both worlds to thrust Irish Dance back into the spotlight.  


Christmas in Killarney is a stage production focused on traditional Christmas music and Irish dance. Using a small cast of singers, musical performers and Irish dancers, the audience is swept away to town Killarney, Ireland by an entertaining and charming narrative story .


These retro 1960s lifeguards, are creating amazing rhythms poolside! A wonderful mix of exciting percussion and hysterical comedic situations perfect for the summer season.  




This group of drumming Zombies is “falling apart” with energetic rhythm. Watch as they try to keep themselves together while stirring up a whole lot of noise, rhythmic beats, and wild antics.

Glow Bros

These energetic drummers will light up any night event with their glowing drumsticks and bright beats. An instant family favorite!


Double Juggle

A duo of comedic jugglers entertains any crowd with bad jokes and dangerous stunts!

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Corporate Events

(Live or Virtual)

Colony Point Creative has a wide variety of entertainment products to fit every event's needs. From music and dance, to specialty acts, we have just what you need to take your event to the next level and keep your guests entertained. Inquire about how we can make your special event an 
unforgettable experience.


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